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DMD and SMA were also included in the health practice instruction (SUT) updated in August. In other words, it was included in the scope of SUT.



In Article 63 of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510, assisted reproductive method treatments are counted among the health services to be financed and general conditions are specified. It is also explained in the article 2.4.4.İ- Assisted Reproductive Method Treatments of the Health Practice Communiqué. According to this;



a)  Invitro Fertilization (IVF)

Expenses related to IVF treatments applied to the general health insurance holder, who is married but has no children in her current marriage, if she is a woman, or to her dependent wife if she is a man, limited to a maximum of three attempts, regardless of whether or not she has children from her previous marriages, excluding her adopted children. In case the conditions are met together, it is covered by the Institution

A medical board report has been issued stating that she could not have a child with normal medical methods after her medical treatments and that she could only have a child with assisted reproductive methods,

Over 23 years old, younger than 39 years old,

The center where the application is made has a contract with the Institution,

If the general health insurance holder or dependent person for at least five years, has 900 days of general health insurance premium days, or if the woman who is still a general health insurance holder does not meet the conditions in this paragraph, her spouse meets the necessary conditions,

Documentation of the failure to obtain results from other treatment methods in the last three years by the health service provider health committees contracted with the Institution.

If the woman who started IVF treatment has passed the age of 40 on the date of IVF application (the date of embryo transfer), the costs of IVF treatment are not covered by the Institution. However, if the woman has a valid health report issued before she turns 40 years old and embryo transfer is performed within 30 days from the date of the report, the health services related to IVF treatment are covered by the Institution.

In vitro fertilization treatments previously paid by the social security institutions transferred to the institution are taken into account in the calculation of the number of procedures.

In order to be able to pay the IVF costs, the woman who will undergo IVF must not have any systemic disease that may prevent the continuation of pregnancy, and it is sufficient to indicate in the medical board report required for IVF treatment that there is no systemic disease that may prevent the continuation of pregnancy.

The war invalids themselves and their spouses, who are receiving a pension within the scope of war invalidity, and the duty invalids themselves and their spouses, who are receiving disability pension in accordance with the Law on Cash Compensation and Pension No. Among the duty disabled people who are receiving a pension as a duty disabled person within the scope of the 56th article of the Law No. 5434 and the 45th article of the abolished law, those who are disabled to the extent that they cannot make the necessary movements to live without the help and support of someone else, and their spouses, the number of days of universal health insurance premium for 900 days, and The conditions of not getting results from other treatment methods within three years are not sought.



b) Assisted Reproductive Method Contribution Fees


In assisted reproductive method treatments, a contribution fee of 30% in the first trial, 25% in the second trial and 20% in the third trial is collected over the prices determined for these treatments.

Assisted reproductive method contribution fees are collected from the individuals by the health service provider where the treatment is provided.

c) IVF Treatment for Stem Cell Donor Sibling Birth

If the child has a sick child and its treatment is not possible with any other medical method and it is deemed medically necessary, preimplantation genetic screening for the treatment of this child is performed and the sick child is determined by the health boards of the tertiary health care providers with a bone marrow transplantation center for the birth of a sibling with a suitable stem cell donor. Expenses related to IVF treatments made based on the health board report of the medical genetics specialist, on behalf of which these conditions are stated, are covered by the Institution without applying the provisions in article 2.4.4.I-2 of the SUT. Apart from this situation, preimplantation genetic screening and IVF costs made together with this procedure are not covered by the Institution.

Families can apply to one of the assisted reproductive treatment centers (in vitro fertilization center) contracted with the Institution based on the said health board report.





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